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We are a digital marketing agency and our purpose is to fulfill our passion in
helping our local communities and to see that our clients’ business succeeds.

Meet the founders + owners of our small biz below.

“We originally started OMM in 2020 in the midst of the pandemic, but it didn’t happen out of nowhere.” - Hannah

Hannah has acquired various marketing skills throughout the years. With over eight years of marketing and community-relations experience, she has gained valuable and unmatched skills in understanding people and their needs first and foremost. Hannah will take the time, and go above and beyond, to ensure that OMM exceeds the vision for any client seeking our services. 

“I like to call myself the 'people's people'; helping others build their passion. Just like we started here at OMM."- Hannah

Hannah currently holds the title as Marketing Director of the Real Estate Program at Virginia Tech, as well as the Chief Executive Officer here at OMM, she has quickly found a passion in this line of work, and has decided to move into the field full-time. 

“We have quickly become a fully-fledged business, helping hundreds of clients get to where they need to be in the digital space; whether this be through a domain connection, a website redesign, or even an Instagram audit.” 

“We are in a unique position to help our clients, having first-hand experience to set-up our own independent business from scratch. Having been there and seen it all, our experience often comes in handy when clients need it most” - Hannah. 


Hannah will be your main point of contact from your initial enquiry, straight through to the design phase and beyond. 

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Hannah Polan Chief Executive Officer at Our Mindful Marketing.JPG
Hannah Polan CEO at OMM.JPG
Hannah Polan
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Adriana Leos Chief Creative Officer OMM.JPG
Adriana Leos CCO at OMM.JPG
Adriana Leos
Co-Founder &  Chief Creative Officer

"Hi, and welcome! Did I happen to stumble across your FYP?" - Adriana :) 


Adriana is an ambitious, yet creative young woman who thrives off helping others! She has been in the customer service and hospitality industry for 15+ years. Her ability to anticipate a clients' need, while delivering quality service comes very natural to her. She feels passionate for providing an immaculate experience and exceptional, yet personalized customer service to all clients.  

Adriana has traveled to over 30 different countries in the last six years which has helped to open her eyes and mind to the world and different cultures, and focus on people's needs. 

"As the Chief Creative OfficerOMM provides me a space where I can utilize my creative efforts that I have gathered throughout my life and travels. I love to take conceptual ideas and bring them to digital reality; whether that be through social media marketing or website design for us here at OMM or for our clients." - Adriana

Adriana has the ability to portray clear and concise interpersonal and verbal communication skills, and constructive critical thinking skills, which is why you’ll find her managing and maintaining our social media presence at OMM.  

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As the role of the Chief Operations Officer, Freddy oversees OMM’s daily business activities. Freddy manages the OMM team and monitors, measures and analyzes the effectiveness of the marketing initiatives. Freddy delivers key insights and recommendations that optimize the performance of OMM and develops and implements an operational plan that ensures that procedures are carried out properly.

Freddy has a PhD from Clemson University in Civil Engineering. The skills he has acquired from school and life has been transferred perfectly into his role at OMM. Freddy has a deep understanding of project development, awareness of internal and external customer needs, and exceptional content writing and organizational skills. Freddy is essential to OMM as a whole in the achievement of the company's goals. 

Outside of OMM, Freddy is an Assistant Professor at Virginia Tech. He is originally from upstate New York and has spent the latter half of his life in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina before moving to the DMV area. Beyond OMM, Freddy enjoys teaching, mentoring, basketball, and making music.

Freddy Paige Chief Operations Officer at Our Mindful Marketing.JPG
Frederick Paige
Chief Operations Officer
Charlie Director of Barketing of Our Mindful Marketing
Charlie Director of Barketing of Our Mindful Marketing

Meet Charlie!

Charlie was rescued by Our Mindful Marketing's co-founder Adriana in 2014.

Charlie is almost 8 years old; he loves to nap, sunbathe, play fetch, go on walks, but most of all he loves to be included in all the action that goes on at Omm.  

As Director of Barketing, apologies in advance for any barking while you are on a call with an individual from our team!

Director of Barketing