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10 Ways to Repurpose Content

In our previous blog post, we discussed the benefits of repurposing content, specifically as a small business owner or entrepreneur. Most importantly, when you repurpose content it helps to maximize your time and energy, increase your overall online presence and traffic to your website (to name a few).

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And although there are countless other reasons, let’s discuss some ways in which you can begin to effectively repurpose your content.

It all starts with one idea.

Every piece of content, whether a blog, a podcast, a video or even a silly meme, they all begin with one concept or idea.

Once you have decided on an idea, concept or message that you want to expand on and create content to do so, write it down! Use a journal or a Word document to organize all your thoughts and ideas into one place. Next, before you dive into creating it, pause for a moment and consider the ways in which you are able to repurpose it.

Note: It should be noted that you certainly do not have to have a blog for your business or to even effectively repurpose content. However, blogs are extremely beneficial in helping to improve SEO on your website when using the proper keywords and will therefore help to increase traffic to your site.

Next, it is also important to practice creating 'evergreen' content (content that is not time-sensitive) this is so that you are able to post this content at any time of year, whether a holiday season or if changes within your industry or space occur.

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  1. Write a blog. Again, it is not necessary to have a blog. If you do not have one and do not plan on starting one, instead you will write down your concept or idea in a Word document so that you can use the copy (text) for various platforms.

  2. Create a slide deck using information from the blog. A slide deck can be used for presentations.

  3. Resize slide deck for different ideal formats to fit various platforms (carousel or single posts for Instagram, pins for Pinterest). If you are a member of Canva Pro, you will notice that there is a tool that enables you to easily resize content for various social media platforms (see image below).

  4. Create videos. Use the slide deck or pins for Pinterest and turn your slides into a video with a voice over! Or create YouTube and TikTok videos summarizing the information from the blog/idea.

  5. Create PDF’s for freebie’s to use as lead generations.

  6. Create an audio version or Podcast.

  7. Create email newsletters or mini-trainings.

  8. Infographics + checklists.

  9. Go Live on Instagram/Facebook/TikTok or host a room on Clubhouse and discuss information from idea or blog post.

  10. Send early-access of content and information to subscribers of your newsletter (before posting content on social media). This will help to build relationships with the people subscribed to your newsletter as they become the VIP's who receive early-access.

A screenshot example of how to resize content for various social media platforms on Canva.
Resize Content on Canva for Social Media

For more information or if you are interested in being apart of a collaborative space to learn other creative ways to effectively repurpose content so that you feel confident when you approach your content creation process AND begin to improve your overall online presence, join us for our workshop that begins on November 15th!

Click here for workshop details :)

Image of Adriana Leos, Chief Creative Officer, Co-Founder and Co-Owner of Our Mindful Marketing.

written by:

Adriana Leos

Chief Creative Officer


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