Canva Tips: New Bio Photo for Instagram

Updated: Jun 18

Looking for Instagram tips and tricks that will make social media marketing a breeze?

A MacBook Pro displaying the Home screen of Canva Pro, a highly effective tool to use for content creation. Next to the MacBook Pro sits an iPhone which also displays Canva's Home screen of their website.

Here is a quick tip you can use in Canva to give any picture a branded background. Whether you need a new profile picture, a picture of you to add to an informational graphic, or just want to replace the background in a photo, this tip will save you a lot of time and energy.

Strike a pose!

Quick tips for creating content on Canva from Our Mindful Marketing on Instagram.

First, strike a pose in front of a blank wall. A quick selfie can go a long way with a little prep! Here are some tips to taking a great selfie for marketing materials:

  1. Wear clothing that matches your brand colors or is a complementary neutral shade.

  2. Make sure there’s great lighting: invest in a ring light or utilize natural lighting.

  3. If you wear makeup, try to make it fit your brand. Whether that means a simple and minimal look or a fun dramatic makeup look with a brand color is up to you, put some thought into it.

Once you’ve taken a selfie, it’s time to upload it to Canva.

Remove the Original Background

Start by clicking “Create a Design” and choosing the right template for your needs. When in doubt, click the Instagram Post template for a high-quality square image! Then, you’ll click “Uploads” from the Menu, then click the “Upload Media'' button. Next, choose your favorite selfie and upload it to use Canva. And finally, you'll want to remove the background with the background remover feature (this feature is only available on Canva Pro).

Quick tips for creating content on Canva from Our Mindful Marketing on Instagram.

If you have Canva Pro, you can simply click the “Effects” button on your toolbar and select “Background Remover.” Just like that, the background will disappear! If you don’t have Canva Pro yet, we highly recommend it. It’s totally worth it, especially when it comes to your social media strategy and creating content for your business.

Change the Background to a Brand Color

Another great tool in Canva is the Brand Kit, so your brand colors are always right there when you want to use them in a graphic. However, if you don’t use the Brand Kit feature yet, then you’ll want to put in the hex code of the brand color you want to use for the background on the image.

When you know what color you want to use, just tap the now empty background, select color, and choose the color or enter the hex code you want to have as the new background color.