Finding Your Ideal Audience + Why NOT to Buy Followers

Updated: Jun 26


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Having an in-depth knowledge of your ideal audience is an essential part of the success to your Instagram strategy.

Unless you know what your audience wants from you, what motivates, inspires or intrigues them then you’ll have a difficult time creating the type of content to engage them. Also note, unless you know what time your audience is active, you won’t have a lot of success having your content actually reach them for them to engage when you post. (YOUR INSIGHTS ARE KEY!)

For example, if you offer a product/service for “graveyard shift” workers and you post at 9AM (the time they’re most likely sleeping), they’re more than likely NOT going to see your post. This is why it is so important to track your insights so that you know when your ideal audience is active to increase the chances of having your content actually seen by them.

Therefore, it’s important that you learn how to find your ideal audience on the gram.

Begin by using #hashtags to start your search.

How to find your ideal audience:

  • Start broad and then begin to narrow down your search.

  • Start with a general #hashtag (example, #entrepreneur #supportsmallbusiness #digitalmarketing #personaltrainer)

  • Search through different hashtags that your ideal audience is using

  • Search businesses that you aspire to and look to see if they are following any #hashtags -- search through the #hashtags that they follow

  • Look at who follows your competitors/who your competitors are following

  • Use existing demographics data (access your insights and go to “Audience.” Here is where you will be able to see vital statistics about your existing followers including their age range, gender, and location.)

  • Utilize features on Instagram stories, for example, polls and questionnaires, ask relevant questions that will help you better understand your audience and help you to improve your targeting methods


You might be thinking to yourself, “why can’t I just buy followers? It would make it SO much easier and save so much time!" And our response is, DO NOT DO IT!!!!!