Instagram's Algorithm + "How to Beat It"

Updated: Jun 26

Do you feel like you’re constantly trying to battle Instagram’s ever-changing algorithm because it’s blocking you from reaching your ideal audience? (...because it is!!)

We’ve definitely felt the changes and if you’re feeling defeated, we totally understand why. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you (keep reading!)

As a small business owner or as a creative, it can be very difficult getting our posts onto the majority of our audience’s feed (yes, that means even when we’re posting consistently.)

We have to constantly try and “beat” the algorithm so that our posts are actually seen by our own audience (it’s a little exhausting really.)

So, do you know how Instagram's algorithm works?

After continued trial-and-error and loads of research, we want to share some mindful tips with you.

How the algorithm works:

  1. You post

  2. IG shows your post to a small percentage of your total audience

  3. They engage (save, share, like & comment)

  4. IG shows your post to a larger audience

  5. Larger audience engages

  6. IG ranks post based on #’s (how many people are engaging with your post)

  7. If enough people engage then your post makes it to the Explore page or 'goes viral' (not guaranteed)

  8. = GROWTH

Instagram's algorithm rewards accounts that are active + engaging.

- This means that you have to be genuine and take the time to build relationships with your audience.

- Respond to comments and engage in conversations.

- This means that you need to genuinely interact and take interest.

Instagram's algorithm takes time into consideration.

- What does this mean?

- IG tracks how much time you spend being active and engaging with your following/ target audience (+ how much time you're spending on their platform)