Instagram is the New Business Card

Instagram is No Longer a Photo-Sharing App

We recently posted a video on TikTok, and the feedback received was.... a lot, to say the least.

The video is entitled, "The Vibe Is Off on Instagram," if you would like to go back and view it, please do (our TikTok handle/or username is @ourmindfulmarketing, also check out our blog post on this topic as well!).

At the time the video was posted, we had around ~550 people following us on TikTok. No more than two days later, the video received 60k views, 800+ comments and the number of people following us doubled.

This all happened in what seemed within a blink-of-an-eye, and some might say that the video went "viral." There is a lot that can be said about the overall experience of having a video "go viral" (however, that is for a different time and another post).

What we would like to point out are two common themes continuously found throughout the comment section and from the feedback received of said video:

  1. People are feeling tired and downright defeated by Instagram.

  2. Many claim that Instagram is "dead."

An image of a template of an iPhone with a screenshot of the comment section of a video posted to @ourmindfulmarketing's profile on TikTok.

We can agree, after talking to several individuals and feeling the effects of it a bit ourselves, that many people are overall feeling tired + defeated from the 'gram. And this makes perfect sense. Considering that with more users than ever before on the platform and more and more joining every single day, it only gets more difficult to expand your reach and increase brand awareness if you are a small business owner or entrepreneur. In addition, it's amazing that Instagram gives us various mediums to create content (carousels, single posts, reels, IGTV, IG Live, stories) however, this leaves many Creators feeling exhausted because of the fact of having to create for several different mediums (which is why we're all for 'team repurpose!').

Now, we do not believe that Instagram is by any means "dead," as many people claim it to be. We do believe however, that Instagram and the way that users utilize the platform in general, meaning their habits and their purpose or goals for the app certainly are changing. And in order to see real organic growth, you truly do have to spend time engaging, building genuine relationships and focusing on a community.

Instagram is No Longer a Photo-Sharing App

Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, shared an IGTV on Wednesday June 30, 2021 and stated himself that, "Instagram is no longer a photo-sharing app." Due to research and feedback given, people are looking to be entertained and in efforts to support this, Mosseri states that what Instagram is trying to do in order to stay relevant with the trends (due to serious competition from TikTok) is to "lean into entertainment and video."

This then tells us a few things:

  1. Short-form video marketing is the current preferred medium for marketing.

  2. This is no longer the same 'photo-dump' sharing Instagram that we all know and love.

  3. Instagram is in fact changing.

Which brings us to one of our favorite comments that is the also the point of this whole post:

"Instagram is just the new business card..." (left by @rahki007 on TikTok).

We love this comment because it is so good and perfectly sums up exactly what we always state!

Think about it, when you’re in passing, how often do you share your Instagram handle with someone rather than a business card?

Probably more often than you realize.

It's common nowadays for people to ask for your Instagram handle rather than a business card so that they can go check out your page and determine whether or not you are a "legitimate" (in their eyes) business.

And this is why you need to start to think of your Instagram as your ‘shop,’ ‘boutique,’ or even your ‘portfolio’ or ‘business card.'

As small business owners, it's vital that we look at Instagram as a tool or a resource that we can utilize for our small business. Instagram is not your marketing strategy, it's a tool that you can utilize within your marketing strategy.

Therefore, in regards to your Instagram page and bio, you want a stranger who has never been to your page before to immediately know who you are, what you do, and how you’re going to solve their problem.

So that they immediately either inquire for your services, hit the follow button, or purchase from you.

Because that’s the goal, right?

And this is why it is so important to have your page fully optimized because you want a stranger to not only come to your page and immediately know who you are, what you do, and how you’re going to solve their problem, but you want them to look at your page, your bio, and content and know that you are credible and an authority in your industry.

If you need help trying to navigate your way on Instagram or learning how to optimize your bio + page for your small business, contact us today!

- Hannah & Adriana 🍃

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