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Prepare Your Small Biz for Instagram's Latest Update

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

If you read our latest blog Instagram is the New Business Card, then you know that on June 30, 2021, Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, shared an IGTV where he stated that, “Instagram is no longer a photo-sharing app."

In attempts to remain relevant and in order to stay up to date with the latest trends, Instagram has stated that their ultimate goal is to “lean into entertainment and video.”

What to keep in mind + what this means for you:

Instagram is a business and they need to stay relevant with the trends and due to serious competition from TikTok, Instagram notes that ‘majority of users prefer to consume video content'.

This means that whether or not you like to hear it - Instagram is keeping up with the trends and the reason that the trends are changing is because of people like you and I.

Similar to how we curate our own feeds and the content we consume on the app, we also dictate the type of content that Instagram prioritizes because this is the type of content that we as "users" are consuming the most of.

Now, let's take into consideration those that aren't into video content, which is totally understandable, here are a few things to remember:

  • You do still have the ability to share photos, in fact, you are encouraged to use a mix of all mediums (reels, IGTV, single posts, carousel posts, IG Live).

  • We are multifaceted people - meaning that people prefer to consume different types of mediums. Some people may prefer a photo or to read a blog or carousel post rather than watch a video.

  • Always focus and create content that you enjoy.

  • Find other platforms that you enjoy.

How can your small business be prepared?

  • Review your strategy + know your ideal audience

  • Know your keywords + phrases

  • Optimize your bio + Instagram feed

  • Consider video content in creative ways

  • Start to practice showing up on video

  • Consider other platforms

  • Create content that you want to create

Review your strategy + know your audience: First and foremost, take time to reflect and review. Ensure that you're on the right track in meeting your own business goals and objectives and if not, identify areas of improvement.

Determine where your ideal audience is - what platform are they on? And what type of content do they prefer to consume? Always consider your audience first. As previously stated, we are multifaceted people and this means that we prefer different things. Some people may prefer to view things on a desktop rather than a phone or prefer to read rather than view a video.

Know your keywords + phrases: When you align your bio and content creation with the words, phrases, questions, and topics that your ideal customer or client is searching for – you have a much higher chance of showing up in their search results.

This is similar to Google search results. For example, if you were to search for something on Google; Google will filter you results that are most relevant and useful to your search query given particular keywords.

Image of an example of an optimized bio on Instagram; to increase and improve user experience within search results.

Optimize your bio + content

When it comes to your bio on Instagram: the goal is that you want a stranger who has never been to your page before to immediately know who you are, what you do and how you're going to solve their problem or fulfill their need.

This is so that they immediately hit that follow button, inquire about your services or purchase from you.

And if you optimize your content and bio using keywords, phrases, questions, and topics that your ideal customer or client is literally typing into that search bar you have a much higher chance of showing up in their search results. This means that you will begin to increase the chances of having your ideal customers or clients find you, rather than you having to go out and find them.

Use the image as a guide to optimize your own bio and download our free guide Instagram for Business here.

Consider video content without actually 'showing up':

The amazing thing about video content is that it leaves so much room for endless creativity – and you don’t have to show your face if you don't want to.

  • Document the creative process in a time lapse

  • BTS (behind-the-scenes)

  • Package an order

  • 'Day in the Life'

  • Tutorials using voice-overs

  • Go Live and highlight products or the BTS process

  • Download our Mindful Guide to TikTok + Instagram Reels for real tips and information that we wish we had when we first started showing up on camera ;)

Start to practice showing up on camera:

Watch this short video for tips that have genuinely helped us to start feeling comfortable and confident to start to show up on camera. Click here if you're in need of a quick tutorial on how to create your first Instagram reel.

Consider other platforms:

If your goal is to drive traffic to your Instagram page then consider other platforms to do so. And on the other hand, if your goal is to get off of Instagram altogether because you don't vibe with the recent changes, then again, consider other platforms to do just that.

Create content that you want to create: At the end of the day, it's your social media platform and your business. Which means that you determine your strategy, the type of content you create and how you show up on any platform. Therefore, always focus on creating and consuming the type of content that you prefer and enjoy.

Adriana Leos; Chief Creative Officer of Our Mindful Marketing

written by:

Adriana Leos

Chief Creative Officer

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