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Top 3 Website 'Must Haves'

In all honesty, there are a variety of 'must-haves' for any website including things like good copy and a clear call-to-action. However, if you're first starting your website from scratch, here are the top three 'must-haves' to consider (that also may be a bit more unconventional):

An iPhone next to air pods, a green succulent plant and an iced beverage.

1. Optimized for search engines (SEO):

You can increase chances of your website being found organically in search engine result pages (SERPs); which ultimately results in investing less in paid advertising.

Also, because what’s the point of a website if no one can find it?

To learn more about the basics of SEO, check out our free 20-minute webinar, SEO Made Simple here.

2. Designed with UX (user experience) in mind:

Meaning, consider a person and their experience or how they navigate through a website.

Make your site pages as simple and as easy to navigate as possible. Don’t overwhelm pages with too much copy or images and simplify the process.

Consider Amazon's 'One-Click Checkout' process. People are able to make an entire purchase in just one click. Think about how many steps a person has to go through in order to accomplish the end goal on your website (this will vary depending on your particular website). Is there any way that you can simplify it?

3. Optimized Home Page:

Consider that most people typically go to a website for one of three reasons:

  • They’re looking for contact information or hours of operation

  • How to work with you or buy from you and your prices

  • They're looking for more information about you and/or your business

Make this immediately accessible on the Home Page.

Include a small section or brief description of who you are, what you do, and the products or services you provide with a clear call-to-action.

Note: keep in mind that our eyes have naturally been trained to search for “buttons” on websites. Buttons tend to have a higher CTR (click-through-rate) than clickable text with a link.

Some people may wonder, do the small details matter?

Consider that if it is becoming increasingly difficult to capture someone’s attention in three seconds on a video on Instagram or TikTok then yes, the small details of a website matter just the same way.

If a person comes across a roadblock or anything that 'hinders' their experience or buyers' journey - they will exit out of a website, just as quickly as they scroll past a video when scrolling through social media.


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Adriana Leos; Chief Creative Officer of Our Mindful Marketing

written by:

Adriana Leos

Chief Creative Officer


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